Innovation in Action

Our Culture is Built on Innovation.

We look for every opportunity to integrate product innovation with business model, process, and service innovations in order to create sustainable value for our customers.

We have a dedicated process for nurturing and commercializing valuable ideas, and we define “valuable” as providing differentiated, sustainable advantage for our customers. We have invested in our ability to innovate – to create new, enhanced solutions for our customers. Our state-of-the-art Design and Development Centers in Arlington, Texas and Pershore, England demonstrate our dedication to developing the next generation of enabling technologies, while our purpose-built North American manufacturing center stands as a testament to our lean principles – driving cost down while delivering enhanced solutions. Both are complemented and supported with our best-in-class Quality and Regulatory Affairs office, which assures our customers that new doesn’t have to mean unqualified.

At Joerns Healthcare, innovation is alive and well because it’s customer driven. And the next great Joerns innovation will likely come from listening closely to our customers and developing a unique solution to those special challenges.